Hitachi Deluxe Series Split Air Conditioner | RAS-X18CD | 1.5 Tons

৳ 101,000.00

Now you can have a great combination of technology and style that provides a continuous cooling solace that leaves an enduring impression with HITACHI INVERTER AC RAS-X18CD

  • 18000 BTU/h (1.5 Tons) 
  • All DC Inverters
  • Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter
  • Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-Filter
  • 3 Years Compressor Warranty 

Hitachi’s All DC Inverter newly applies the original Smart Vector System. Going beyond energy saving, the Smart Vector System achieves top-class cooling capacity and reliable operation even under unstable power conditions.

A combination of the All DC Inverter and Scene Camera Twin can cut energy consumption by up to 62% compared to non-inverter models. So you can stay comfortable overnight and save energy at the same time.

The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and Wasabi solutions which provides a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-allergen and deodorizing effect.

It may seem surprising but the Wasabi often seen with Sushi has a powerful sanitizing effect! Hitachi’s unique Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter is coated with wasabi-modified Nano Titanium Particles to firmly catch deactivate bacteria, allergens, mold, and odors!

Antibacterial stainless steel and silver ions are applied inside to keep the air pathways extra hygienic for fresh, healthy and clean air.

A single wipe without water is all that’s required to remove dust from the filter. Even dust that contains grease can be easily removed from the sleek surface.

Scene Camera Twin and the Air Sleep Sensor watch your sleep condition throughout the night and automatically adjust cooling to the optimum level for various stages of sleep to assure good sleep.

When set to the Echo Mode, Scene Camera Twin quickly detects energy wasting and smartly cools with minimum energy for the just right level of comfort in every scene of daily life.


The wide air inlet and the large diameter indoor fan enable top-class cooling capacity and big air volume to make you feel more comfortable.

Hitachi’s new Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter has been proven to effectively deactivate over 99% of bacteria.


When bacteria come into contact with the stainless steel, the metal ions adhere to them and suppress their activity and growth.In this way, bacteria are thoroughly reduced by a maximum of 99%.

Incredibly small (about 5nm) and highly dense wasabi-modified Nano Titanium particles prevent microbes from going through and deactivate them effectively.

Fresher air supply is realized by combining UV Fresh! UV-LED Light emits shortwave UV onto the filters and deactivates 99% bacteria trapped.

Thanks to its sleek surface and non-static properties, more than 50% lesser dust sticks to stainless steel than to plastic. Which means twice the cleanliness and half the cleaning time.

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